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Our Climate
Our Future
by Jonny Friend

A Comprehensive guide to the environmental crisis

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Our Climate Our Future is a comprehensive guide to the current environmental crisis. Chapters on climate change deniers, energy and food, from consumption to technology and biodiversity. Governments, systems, media, and the power of people are all covered in this wide ranging and thought provoking debut from author Jonny Friend.

The evidence is clear; there are critical environmental issues occurring across the

world that need, not just our attention but our collective action.  In order to secure a healthy planet, positive change must occur. 

It also covers actions we can carry out right now. As part of this, whilst there are those who spread misinformation, the majority of people are good.  Most people want to make a difference, but everyone’s circumstance is different.  

Our Climate Our Future gives you information and inspiration on how to live to create a better environment today and for future generations.


About the Author

Jonny Friend is a teacher, author and environmental activist. He has

been working in education for over 25 years, bringing his

passion for science and the development of young people

together in the classroom. In recent years he has dedicated

himself to improving climate change awareness and education

in Schools. He is a UN accredited Climate Change Teacher

and now brings you his first book Our Climate Our Future,

available soon from Amazon!




Chapters One and Two

Chapter One: What is this Climate Change anyway?

An explanation Climate Change; its causes and consequences. 

‘Whilst many of us have heard of this thing called Climate Change, there is so much information, and misinformation, regarding it, that a useful starting point would be to understand what Climate Change actually is, and why it is occurring.’

‘Climate Change is real, caused by human activities, and happening right now.  This is what the evidence tells us, this is what the science tells us, this is what climate scientists tell us.  It is already having, and will continue to have to a greater extent, a significant impact on life on Earth.  But all is not lost, we can do something about it.  Change is occurring, but we can affect by how much.’

Chapter Two: The Power of Denial

Why, despite all the scientific evidence, some people deny human-caused Climate Change.

‘Let’s say it… Climate Change is scary.  The reality of what is happening, and what will happen to a greater extent moving forward, is painful.  It is a natural reaction to protect ourselves, and different people do this in different ways.  One way is to subconsciously close our eyes to the truth since it is too difficult to deal with.’

Chapters Three, Four and Five

Chapter Three: The Need for Energy

A summary of the different energy resources and their impact upon life on Earth. 

‘There is no such thing as a completely clean or green energy resource, renewable or not; Some energy resources, however, are far, far better than others; our dependence upon fossil fuels needs to end’


Chapter Four: Food, Glorious Food

How our food choices make a significant impact upon our environment.

‘We owe so much to agriculture and farmers, but times are changing, as the environmental crisis becomes clearer and clearer.  We must then look at whether we are able to make positive changes with the types of food that we eat, the agricultural practices used, as well as the transport, waste and packaging of food.’ 

Chapter Five: Weapons of Mass Consumption

How our consumption and waste are impacting the planet

‘Since the moment we are born, we are continually bombarded with messages, some far more subtle and sophisticated than others, on how much better our lives will be, if only we had this or that product.  We have literally become weapons of mass consumption in a bid to make our lives better, to make ourselves feel better, to fill a void which exists in our lives, as we succumb to the powers of advertising.’

Chapters Six and Seven

Chapter Six: The Holy Grail of Technology

Can we rely upon technology to solve our environmental issues?

‘It is indeed true that some technological advances will make improvements as we move forward, but we know how to mitigate the Environmental Crisis without them.  It is political will, not further advances in technology, that is needed.’  


Chapter Seven: Biodiversity; Isn’t Nature Wonderful

How life on Earth is being affected by our actions.

‘Our natural world is glorious in its diversity.  It brings awe and beauty into our lives, and the vast range of species across the planet support our very existence.  Do we really want a world where our children grow up unable to ever see such majestic creatures such as tigers, elephants and polar bears?  How are you going to look your children in the eyes and tell them why that opportunity was stolen from them?  Not only that, but the greater the diversity the greater the chance for life to not only survive but thrive.’ 

Chapters Eight and Nine

Chapter Eight: People Power

A summary on history, economic and political systems, population, protest and our very health.

‘We can no longer consider the Earth as something separate from us, here to be exploited.  Our current systems are unfit to solve the Environmental Crisis.  But all is not lost, for an awakening is occurring all over the world. As public awareness of the reality of the situation increases, a tipping point in society will be reached, at which the necessary change will occur.’ 

Chapter Nine: So, What Can I Do?

A guide to the actions we can carry out to bring about positive change; from worldwide to individual. 

‘One way to summarise our requirements is with the following; Awareness; that each of us genuinely understands the issues at hand, their consequences, and how to make significant, positive change.  Action; that we carry out the required actions, including global, regional, local and individual.  This includes challenging systems, as well as global, local and even individual change.  Hope; that we recognise that there is a better way and that all positive change will make a difference.  Through supporting each other and carrying our collective action we can create an improved world for all of us.’



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